I’m Tanner Bromberg, the editor of Grom It! surf magazine.

One day, my mom, dad and I were at the airport in Kona, Hawaii, where we live, and I wanted something cool to read for the long airplane ride ahead. So me and my dad went to the gift shop and I was looking for a kids’ surf magazine, but I just couldn‘t find one. Well, that got me thinking ... and since we were flying all the way to South Africa, I had a lot of time to think!!!!

Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make a surf magazine and have a place where groms can go to see what awesome things all us kids are doing?

From that day on, my family and I have been working on Grom It! and we are making this magazine cool and fun to read. Grom It! will have interviews with some of the coolest groms out there, great kid products, lots of fun pictures of course and some things that us groms can fill in, color and just have fun with. Also please check out our comic strip and see how Grom It! Girl and Kanu save the day!!!!!!!

We will also be looking for groms from all over the planet to help us make Grom It! great and be part of our Grom It! nation.


Tanner Bromberg


Urban Dictionary


{n.} A grom or grommet isn’t necessarily a beginner surfer but a YOUNG surfer ... usually under the age of 16. Most of the time people that are called groms are kids who rip (are good).

goes to Dom Del Rosario of Kona Surf School. Thank you for not only being Tanner’s coach in the water, but for making sure we got hooked up with all the right people to help make Grom It! great. Mary Colluci, mahalo nui loa for encouraging a little girl to do her own magazine. Thank you to Kirk Aeder for being our “man behind the lens” and a big thank you to Tammy Moniz for all your great grom pics.


And most of all ... thank you Tanner, for inspiring us all to Just Grom it!


—Grom Mom Kerry

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