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    You’ve heard it before, NYC transplants move to Hawaii in search of simpler and more connected way of life. Well, that pretty much sums it up but that's just the start!!!

    First off, we are a family of four; Dad Bruce, Mom Kerry, Daughter Tanner, and we can’t forget our not-so-little fur ball, Kona.

    Dad is a chef and has restaurants on the mainland, and was invited in 2012 to cook for a special event on the Big Island and that was the start of this big adventure.  Kerry is from South Africa, and after one day here in Hawaii she was hooked! Mom knew the names of all the birds, plants, trees and along with the scenes of surfers, big waves and quaint coastal towns, she felt right at home, even though we were on the other side of the world from where she grew up!!! We all felt connected to this magical place and decided to look for a home and see what happened next.

    Well, it didn’t take long and as soon as Kona was old enough to travel without quarantine,  the Bromberg clan crossed the ocean to their new home, and life in Hawaii and of course, learning to surf wasn’t far behind.

    After meeting Dom Del Rosario from Kona Surf School on the big island, we got a taste of what  it’s like to ride some waves. The world of surfing began to open up and envelope us. The community, the island, the nature, the feeling, the way of life all became part of our life.

    This is our 3rd year now in Hawaii and we’re loving being part of something so magical that is Hawaii. Hawaii takes hold of a certain type of person and we were definitely called here and are constantly drawn to her revealing magnificence and beauty.

    As Tanner mentions in her 1st editor’s letter, Grom It! Surf magazine came about organically and very much through her determination and with the help of the surfing community as a whole. Grom It! Surf has developed a spirit of its own and the feedback that we’ve gotten worldwide has been nothing short of amazing.  So here we are…6 months in to a “let’s see what happens” idea and we are full-speed ahead with Grom It! Surf.  World Domination next:)

    We are home/world schooling Tanner this year and letting her run with her vision and inspiration of what she would like Grom It! Surf to be…a community connecting groms from all over the world.

    It’s the start of Grom It! Surf Nation.  Get inspired, get excited, get active, get going and just Grom It!